A great way to fly - Helipaddy PREMIUM

For just £2.50 per month (paid annually) Helipaddy will: 

  1. Display ALL the moderated sites and points of interest in our system, not just airfields!
  2. Give you access to cool pilot tools online including techlog, events database and trip planning
  3. Send you weekly offers from establishments that are in Helipaddy
  4. Provide you with FREE bespoke trip planning with fuel and stops - just tell us where and when you want to go!

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Awesome app..keep up the good work!

Andrew Wettern, pilot and Helipaddy member.


At long last we have a credible source of landing locations that have been verified and checked.  It is our primary source for finding great places to eat or stay that will accept helicopters.  In recent trips we have regularly used Helipaddy whilst flying to call ahead and check availability before routing direct via their link to Sky Demon.  We love flying and visiting new places and Helipaddy has made this so much easier.

Steve Hill, pilot and owner of Helipaddy site Witney Lakes Resort.


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