Pricing for Landing Sites in Helipaddy

It is completely free for your landing site to be listed in Helipaddy, whether you're a hotel, B&B, restaurant, aerodrome, or even just someone with room for a helicopter and very friendly neighbours! It is also completely free to claim your site, allowing you to manage what information is displayed to pilots and to make sure your details are accurate. For landing sites who really wish to show that they are heli-friendly and supportive of the helicopter community, we recommend becoming a Helipaddy Premium Owner


For just £12.50 per month (paid annually) Helipaddy will 

  1. Display your site to ALL Helipaddy members - non-paying sites are displayed to less than 25% of our pilots
  2. Prioritise you in our curated trips - we work with, tour operators, and private individuals to help them find new places to visit
  3. Provide you with an upgraded dashboard so that you can add and edit Offers and Events to attract pilots. These offers and events are pushed to pilots weekly and are visible in-app and online, maximising your exposure
  4. Open up access to our Loyalty Programme to attract repeat visits from pilots


More information about the benefits of Premium membership for establishments can be found in our Landing Site Owners FAQ

You can email us asking for a free trial of Premium membership, or once you have claimed your site you can check out the Go Premium! tab in your dashboard or click the Free Premium Trial button in your My Sites tab. 

Going Premium was a great decision. It has really opened the doors of our establishment to a community that isn’t normally easy to reach out to. 
Padraig McGillicuddy Ballygarry House Hotel & Spa
See their Helipaddy listing

My pub and restaurant are in the middle of a small village, and I thought that the landing of helicopters might cause trouble by bothering our neighbours; but actually, we have never had a problem with them. In fact, a number of them find it interesting to come and watch them take off or land, especially the children. All the pilots we have met have been aware of their surroundings and respectful of the rules. 
Paul Meads The Cross Keys
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