What is Helipaddy?

Helipaddy is the must-have tool for pilots wishing to discover new heli-friendly landing sites whilst storing their own private sites and sharing them with their pilot friends. Helipaddy is designed by pilots, for pilots, from the ground up.

The online dashboard is free to use and the mobile apps are free to download. All you need to do is register! Your free Helipaddy account allows you and your passengers to save your favourite landing spots and share them with your friends, navigate from the cockpit, and much more. Helipaddy can also be used to store interesting places and waypoints, not just helipads. The online dashboard lets you use most of the features of the apps, and also privately record your landings, keep your logbook up to date, plan trips, and much more. 

An optional upgrade to Premium membership (£29.99/year) gives pilots access to a fully moderated and up-to-date global database of over 10,000 places to land, refuel, eat, stay or even just to walk the dog! With landing sites in over 120 countries, Helipaddy is the world’s only trusted source of off-airfield landing sites. Premium members also have increased functionality in the apps and their online dashboard.


Our Mission

To improve General Aviation by making helicopter flying more enjoyable and helping pilots to #knowwheretoland 


Helipaddy founders Paddy Wills and Sarah Chenevix-Trench were tired of looking through old, outdated information on heli-friendly destinations, particularly hotels and restaurants. What started as a personal interest project amongst pilot friends has grown into the Helipaddy community, where members can add comments, update landing details, add newly discovered heli-friendly locations, and generally contribute to the global improvement of flying helis! Helipaddy encourages considerate flying, especially noise awareness and the respecting of neighbouring residents and their animals, as well as other guests.


The Helipaddy Team

Our head office is in London, UK, where we have Paddy, Sarah, Jack, Ben and Phil.
You can contact us via email, the @Helipaddyapp Twitter account, or simply start chatting by clicking the Helipaddy symbol in the bottom corner of this page. 


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